Grated carrot salad

Do you have a half-used bag of carrots lingering in the bottom of your produce drawer, perhaps from a ragù you made? No hummus to dip them in? They’re maybe a touch past their prime, anyway?

This “recipe” has your back. I hesitated to post it because it feels more like a suggestion than a recipe: grate carrots, add olive oil, lemon, salt, raisins or currants, almonds, and parsley or cilantro or mint. But for how frequently I eat this, how bright and sweet and crunchy the carrots are, and for how versatile it is–I’ve served it at dinner parties with a French-Moroccan chicken but also enjoyed it out of a bowl, topped with yogurt, scooped up with pita, while I sit on the counter–it’s worth sharing.

A food processor with a shredder attachment makes short work of grating the carrots. But a box grater also does the trick.

Grated carrot salad (serves to scale)

Carrots (however many you have lurking in your produce drawer)
Olive oil (enough to moisten however many carrots)
Fresh-squeezed lemon juice (to taste)
Salt (to taste)
Raisins or currants (handful)
Almonds, bashed/chopped (again, amounts not precise)
Parsley, cilantro, or mint, chopped

Grate carrots. Pour into mixing bowl. Pour enough olive oil over carrots to coat very lightly. Squeeze lemon juice over the top. Add salt. Stir. Taste and adjust as you wish.

Add raisins or currants, almonds, and herbs. Mix through. Serve!


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