Yam and wild rice salad with lime-chili vinaigrette


Making my grocery list this weekend, I found myself lingering wistfully over summer food recipes. Panzanella, loaded with fresh tomatoes and brightly-colored bell peppers? Tostada salad with avocado-lime dressing? I wish.

So instead, we work with what we’ve got. This recipe turns wintery ingredients into something decidedly brighter than you’d think they ever could be. The lime juice and chile enlivens the yams and wild rice, moving them from Thanksgiving fare to June/July wannabes.  So if you can’t have summer tomatoes–or guac, or grilled corn, or…or…or–have this, instead. Continue reading “Yam and wild rice salad with lime-chili vinaigrette”


Black rice breakfast porridge


Somehow, though I am loath to repeat dinner recipes (so many new foods to try!), I dig in—with gusto—to the exact same breakfast every weekday in the winter: oatmeal with apples, walnuts, and brown sugar.

This recipe won’t totally unseat my oats. But it has created a spot for itself in a newly-created breakfast “rotation.” It has all the good qualities of my dear oatmeal—warm, filling, cooks while I shower—plus offers the chance to eat something tropical-ish while I stare out at a decidedly un-tropical February ice storm.

Note: you need to soak the rice overnight before cooking. Continue reading “Black rice breakfast porridge”